A downloadable Strings for Windows

Your character receives an instrument and proceeds through doors with musical incantations on them. Further completion through the puzzles provides you with more keys (both senses of the word), as well as chords (both senses of the word), that can be shot at various enemies before reaching your final concert. Beware, some doors and enemies may require you to be in a certain key before proceeding (bottom right once unlocked).

This project was made for the first Game Maker's Toolkit 48 Hour Game Jam using the Unity Engine, Blender for modeling, and Bosca Ceoil for the sounds/music. Putting the project together was Cassidy Noble.

Knowing this was a game jam, this is not a polished final version of the game. Time may have slipped away from me doing the player modeling so it is the default capsule (sorry about that!), but the deeper your progress in, the more complex the artwork and puzzles become. :)

I hope you enjoy! I would be thrilled with any feedback you would like to provide! :)

Updated 20 days ago

Install instructions

Download both the .exe file as well as the Data file and save them in a similar location. You may need to unzip the Data file in order for it to work. Open the .exe and the game should launch.



PullingYourOwnStrings.exe 17 MB
PullingYourOwnStrings_Data.zip 9 MB


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Dude, you can't just put out the .exe file and call it "Mac/Linux" :P. Those require a separate build, and the filenames will usually be obviously-different.

Oh! Sorry! My bad, I will change that. Thanks for letting me know!

Cheers, mate :). At least if it's correctly labeled, I know immediately that I can't play it, rather than having to unzip it to find out.